Cheese Cake


So I went on a little roadtrip yesterday to see my fantastic brother, beautiful sister-in-law, and super amazing fantastic adorable nephew.  It was a much needed change of pace for me and a great opportunity to hang with my mama who just returned from Africa.

The brother and I both have the foodie gene (its a scientific fact and stuff) so after a little thrift store shopping we headed to the most amazing place:


Yes, that says CHEESE SHOP.

Yes, that says CHEESE SHOP.












Specifically, Di Raimondo’s Italian Market and CHEESE SHOP.

The atmosphere was fun, the samples were abundant, and the cheese….

Oh, the cheese.

Gouda, made with coconut creme anyone? Yes, really. It was so great.

Cheese gets a really bad wrap, but it doesn’t have to. Eat quality cheese. Eat it in moderation. Eat it and celebrate your cheese (loving) cake. All of Holland can’t be wrong.

If you ever take your cake to Central California wine country, make sure to treat it to the goodies on the other side of that door. You won’t be sorry.





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