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All This Cake has been a personal journey for me. I have said that before. Even though I can see and feel the benefits that have come from it for me, sometimes I am really struck by something.

Fourth of July was one of those times.

I hadn’t eaten corn in three months. My mom bought corn on the cob that was so sweet it was downright sticky. I avoided it like the plague …until I didn’t.

I’m glad I didn’t. I was so happy about the sweet yumminess that I snapped a picture. Then I instagrammed it.

I typed out the following caption:

“I used to have a personal rule: ‘fat girls can’t take pics while eating’. I’m so happy to be eating #cornonthecob though….it’s been three months since I ate corn. Happy 4th!”

Then I published it.

Major for me…you have no idea. I challenge you to find pics of me pre-All This Cake with food in my mouth. You won’t. I promise you. And it’s so stupid. No pics around birthday tables, no pictures of me at wedding receptions for the most part, just complete avoidance of being associated with a necessary human function – eating. There is ONE picture of me and my dear friend Julia before we shared a piece of cherry/peach pie a’la mode. I remember forcing myself to take the picture but I can assure you the food had not yet come near my face. (I’m really glad I took that pic, btw…I love that girl…and the pie was divine.)

I was thinking about the corn picture the other day when I realized something. Over the years, I have set up a certain “Fat Girls Code of Conduct” for myself, and I have adhered to it pretty strictly. Here lately, however, I have started to break my own rules.

Stupid rules.

Rules like:

“Never wear a shirt that advertises a food or beverage company. Ever.” 

You know, because big girls don’t buy food or support companies that make food. Ever. *eyeroll*

Then I won a contest through Applegate Farms, a really great meat company. They sent me a kinda cute shirt. Turns out I wear it a lot. Mostly at a home, but that’s only because I’m a dress-up-when-I-go-out kinda girl. Heck, I’m wearing it today! Most importantly, I put a pic of me in their shirt on their FB page with a “thank you” for the package. I didn’t even care how many people knew that I might actually support and purchase food. 😛


Other rules include:

“Never show your legs in public.” 

I would tea-length it. That’s about it. Then the heat fried my brain (in a good way) one day and I chopped my jeans off:

and took a picture.

and published it.


Here’s another:

“Your face is all you have going for you. Never go out bare-faced.”

To which I responded to with a picture of me not only bare-faced, but post-cry, so I was particularly puffy. I just saw a certain vulnerable beauty in the moment and decided to share it. You know why there was beauty in it? Because it had NOTHING to do with my face. It had to do with my soul. This shot was a reflection of my inner-most struggle in that moment. Because MY SOUL is intact. And I have that going for me.


It seemed innocent enough. A picture of me, eating corn on the cob on the 4th of July. It is probably what millions of other Americans were sinking their teeth into right then as well. Nothing ground-breaking or even terribly unique.

Except that it was.

It was also the beginning of a liberation for me. One that was a long time coming. It inspired me to make a new rule:


“Rules are meant to be broken. Particularly the stupid ones.”


Staying Hydrated…With FLAIR


because that’s how I do things. Last week, you may remember me mentioning that I ordered primarily herbs in my CSA box. I put them to use in some pretty amazing ways.

Lemon balm pesto, purple basil pesto (OMG THE BEST EVER. I am working on a pizza recipe post) and I managed to stick some in a few delicious beverages. So grateful for such an amazing source of organic produce!

I know I already told you about mint tea, so here are a couple ideas for making infused waters. Haven’t tried infused waters yet? Take a look here. Mind you, this is only a guideline, but the idea is:


Pick a berry (or other sweet fruit), pick a citrus, add an herb and/or something “extra” such as cucumbers (not in my cup!)  and add your favorite water. Not only are you drinking your H2O, but you are managing to get some extra vitamins and antioxidants into your system as well. Here are two that I came up with after being inspired by the lovely stuff in my box. Lemon and Lavender Water:


One sliced lemon and 2 TBSP of lavender buds (about 6 sprigs of lavender for me), added to about 2 cups of hot water, steeped for 20 minutes, then filled with water and refrigerated until cold. I really loved the subtle sweetness of this. My husband said “It tastes like bath water…in a good way.” I’m not sure what that means, but it was too funny to keep to myself. I am sure it threw him off because I use so many lavender products. It has a very nice herbal and slightly floral thing going for it. Refreshing and elegant, I thought. Strawberries would have be delightful in this, I’m sure.

Purple basil, blueberry, lemon:


In a half gallon container, I added 1/2 of a sliced lemon, 1/2 cup blueberries and a handful of purple basil leaves. I then added about 2 cups of hot water, and let everything steep for about 20 minutes. I then filled it with cold water and capped it up for the fridge.

This has been my favorite so far! It was bold and different in every good way possible. I love, love loved this one. I was inspired by a cocktail my brother made for me once. Fresh squeezed lemonaid, muddled blueberries and a sprig of basil…oh, and vodka. Definitely a more exciting way to enjoy these flavors, but certainly not as health conscious as my concoction. 🙂

Italian or Thai basil would be just as delicious I am sure!

I’m working on a few other combinations and will pass them on if they pass inspection. 😉

In the meantime, try out some fun combinations of your own. You deserve water as fabulous as you are. 🙂

Fabulous Friday 5/24/13


As I have grown older, I have also grown more confident. I wear things now that I am not sure I would have ten years ago. I’m not sure they are always age appropriate, but I’m also not sure I care.

I have found that I have quite the retro flair to my outfit choices lately, but its a repeating trend for me. I really think that its my “core style” so to speak…the one I always go back to. I tend to sample new and fun trends but in my soul, I’m a rolled jeans and white tank kind of girl. Give me a barrel roll and a bandana and I feel pretty set. Perhaps its because I feel like its the look that suits not only my body type but my face as well. I think I just have an old-school kind of vibe going for me so I choose to make it work in my favor. Rock whatcha got, ya know?

Had to run to town today to return the rental car I have been using and pick up my beast from the shop. We hit a deer a few weeks ago and did a number on my Expedition. 😦 Glad to have it back though. So are the kids. Being crammed in the backseat is no fun for them.

Anyway, headed to town which means I had to get out of my cleaning clothes and look presentable. Chose my fave dark jeans(always rolled twice), a plain white boyfriend ‘T’ from Old Navy and a leopard bandana  tied in my hair.















Leopard flip flops (with red toenails of course), black earrings and my blingy sunglasses completed the get up.

they see me rollin....

they see me rollin….














Jeans: 20.00 at Marshalls

Shirt: 6.00 at

Flip Flops: 2.50 at

Hanky: 1.00 at Walmart (I know!)

Sass: This girl was born with it, ya’ll.

Age appropriate, Smage appropriate.

I need a more interesting life…


so that I have a reason to wear this.

Oh, the fabulousness...

Oh, the fabulousness…












Pretty sure my life does not warrant such a purchase, but it doesn’t make me less obsessed.

Find it here.

I suppose I could wear it to our country store. Or maybe our laundry mat/bar/feed store? (Yes, I am serious.)

I doubt my potato patch would be impressed by it.