Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ten Things I Must Do Today


1.) Clean my floors. All of them. Carpets steam cleaned, tile scrubbed, laminate polished. It’s gonna happen.

2.) Scrub all toilets.  Good times.

3.) Make almond milk. I’m thinking 2 days of soaking in the fridge is more than enough time. :O

4.) Try to make these Kombucha fruit snacks.

5.) Clean my room…before I implement job #1.

6.) Clean out the refigerators. (Yes, plural.) I finished up our grocery shopping yesterday and I already cant find the stuff I just bought.

7.) Organize my pantry. I may have to post before and after pics. It is pretty bad.

8.) Wash all linens in the house and hang them on the line. Love line dried linens!

9.) Drink Water. Lots. After looking at this list, Vodka sounds better, but I must stay the course.

10.) Attempt to whiten my teeth with activated charcoal. Like THIS. May have to add “scrub bathroom sink after whitening teeth” to the list somewhere.


Meatless Monday


It is cold today. And raining. And windy.

Also, I am exhausted.

Dinner tonight? Bob’s Red Mill’s version of Cream of Wheat.

Cook as directed, add a pat of good butter, a swirl of real maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, a bit of real vanilla and a splash of raw milk or cream.


Good night. 😛