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Ten Things I Must Do Today


1.) Clean my floors. All of them. Carpets steam cleaned, tile scrubbed, laminate polished. It’s gonna happen.

2.) Scrub all toilets.  Good times.

3.) Make almond milk. I’m thinking 2 days of soaking in the fridge is more than enough time. :O

4.) Try to make these Kombucha fruit snacks.

5.) Clean my room…before I implement job #1.

6.) Clean out the refigerators. (Yes, plural.) I finished up our grocery shopping yesterday and I already cant find the stuff I just bought.

7.) Organize my pantry. I may have to post before and after pics. It is pretty bad.

8.) Wash all linens in the house and hang them on the line. Love line dried linens!

9.) Drink Water. Lots. After looking at this list, Vodka sounds better, but I must stay the course.

10.) Attempt to whiten my teeth with activated charcoal. Like THIS. May have to add “scrub bathroom sink after whitening teeth” to the list somewhere.


Healthy Cake 2/24/13


My kitchen tends to be a bit of a science lab sometimes. Between brewing Kombucha, fermenting milk into all kinds of things like yogurt, buttermilk, and kefir, and growing teeny tiny gardens on my kitchen counter, I keep myself busy with food experiements.

I recently scored a sprouting tray from a friend of mine. This allows me to grow tiny, edible plants that nourish the cake in so many amazing ways.

For those that are unfamiliar with sprouting, think alfalfa sprouts…you’ve seen or eaten those before I am sure. Sprouts just like those can very easily be grown in your own kitchen.

Although I don’t eat alfalfa sprouts due to some studies that show they can diminish your immune system, I do eat other seeds (and sometimes nuts) that have been sprouted. Sprouted nuts and seeds can provide your diet with some of those most amazing nutritional benefits, and are often very mild in flavor which makes them easy for even the pickiest of eaters to stick them into just about anything without noticing much of a taste.

Today, I am sprouting Chia Seeds.

Remember chia pets? Ch-ch-ch-chia! Yeah, you can EAT THOSE. There are a million reasons you should eat chia seeds and/or sprouts. Go here for just a few reasons, including cardiovascular health and assistance with weight management. The seeds themselves are mucilaginous, which translates to “they get really slimy and gooey when you add liquid to them” (Yes, that’s the scientific definition.) I, personally have A MAJORLY HARD TIME eating them once they are wet. They are kind of like tapioca, and I do not do tapioca. You can eat them dry, (sprinkled on whole wheat toast maybe?) or wet if you dont mind the goo. My favorite way, however, is to SPROUT THEM.

Essentially, yes, I am growing a chia pet without the terracotta Obama head. Oh, and my seeds are organic. So its an organic non-terracotta Obama head. In my kitchen. Totally sounds normal, right?

Chia sprouts are easily added to salads, smoothies, sandwiches, etc. If you go to the happy raw kitchen blog, you get an idea of how you can grow them without any special equipment.  There is also a link to the “Sprout People” site that is kind of the go-to for all things sprouty and wonderful. This particular link takes to you the chia directions they provide. I really enjoyed this article too.

There are tons of seeds that can (and should be) sprouted. Chia might be among the best though when it comes to health benefits. Chia is gaining popularity, so the seeds are not hard to find for most people. I buy mine at Whole Foods, but they can be found in most large grocery stores and in most every health food store across the country. If you have a Winco near you, they are in the bulk section. 🙂

Better get this cake back into the kitchen…time to get my lab coat on. 😉