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My New Favorite Greens


It’s no secret that I love all of the dark greens that fall and winter bring. My new favorite? Collards.



I had never tried collards until they were substituted for the broccoli rabe I ordered in my CSA.

Best. Substitution. Ever.

In fact, some of the best veggies I have tried were due to a CSA substitution. 🙂

With their powerful anti-cancer properties and loads of nutritional value, they are an awesome addition to any comforting winter meal.

Or, if you make them this way, they are a meal all on their own.

Goodness, I love a ham hock.

Want a vegetarian way to prepare them? Try this one.

How about Brazilian style? These look awesome.

Let’s get beyond taste for a moment, though.

Collards offer much more than amazing flavor. Aside from cancer prevention (as previously stated), they also have been shown to lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation in the body and with their high choline levels, may help with fatty liver disease.

Get yourself some collard greens, and experiment with how you like to prepare and eat them.  While the ham hock recipe is delicious, it is probably also safe to assume that a lot of the nutrients are cooked out in their long cooking process. Either way, eating some greens is better than no greens at all, so find your fave way and eat them often.

Your body will thank you. 🙂