Monday Motivation


Hey beautiful! Just a quick note before I get back into the kitchen.

I want to remind you to love yourself today.

Having trouble with that? Yeah, we all do at times. Feeling down? Not sure how to take a simple statement like “love yourself” and sincerely apply it? Sounds familiar to me…

Sometimes, all you can do is love by actions.  Actions speak louder than words in times like these. Do something nice for YOU today. Paint your toenails. Curl your hair. Take a few minutes and do some yoga. Pray. Get dolled up and take a cute “selfie”. Fuel your body with food that says, “I love you.” Healthy, quality food that makes your body happy.


Not because you should be “on a diet”. Not because you “need to get healthy”, but because you love YOU and  YOU are worth it.

Take the time to show yourself some love today, gorgeous!



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