Sweet Success!


Went to see my doctor yesterday. First time back since I started this whole grain/root veggie/everything delicious restriction plan.

I have lost just over 11 pounds.

11 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot considering it has been 4 months, but it highlights something very important:


It was never ( and still isn’t) about the weight loss specifically. The weight loss only tells me that my body is responding as it should now. My concern when I went into the doc was not that I wanted or needed to lose weight, but rather that considering how well I was eating, I SHOULD have been losing weight. My lack of weight loss told me that something wasn’t right in my body. I was doing all the “right” things, and had no reason to be so incapable of losing weight.

I wasn’t losing because there was an internal issue. Losing the weight tells me that the issues are meeting resolutions, and this excites me.

I have said before that when the body is receiving what it needs, it will respond accordingly. My body is finally responding accordingly and this thrills me!

Not because I’m a few pounds down, mind you, but because those few pounds tell me I’m on the right track.

The track towards health. Hormone balance. Proper thyroid function. A healthy gut, which leads to an awesome immune system.

The track to longevity. Energy. WELLNESS. My favorite word.

I couldn’t be happier. I feel like a rubix cube that the doc solved on his first try. You see, nutrition is not a “one size fits all” thing. Every body is different, with varying needs, deficiencies, and intolerances. What works for me will not necessarily be what works for you. I have documented this journey in an effort to encourage you to seek answers for yourself, not mimic mine. It is so important to get to the ROOT of your health issues before you adopt any sort of dietary lifestyle! It is a process. There are no blanket solutions… sometimes, it feels like a bit of an experiment. That said, I am so blessed to have been handed the key to my body’s current needs on the first try. No guess work, just a game-plan. I am sure there will be adjustments in the future, but I am also confident that I am in good hands.

Now, I just continue on, key in hand.

(P.S., if you live anywhere near Central California, look up Dr. Patel at Valley Natural Health. Seeing him has truly been life changing!)


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