These Shorts Are Made For Walkin’


Overall, I like to think I am pretty confident. I know my strengths and how to use them, embrace my weaknesses, and have a pretty good sense of self. From a physical standpoint, I am comfortable in my own skin, sure of my own sense of style and am happy with my body.

Most of the time.

I think most people  have that one area that makes us insecure. Kudos to you if you don’t.

Mine is my legs. Even at my thinnest, they tend to carry weight. I have really struggled over the years to accept them.  In a swimsuit, its my not rear or my tummy I worry about, it’s my legs. I usually pick long dresses over short in order to cover them. I tend to fret over how they look in pants. I didn’t wear shorts for over 8 years.

Until yesterday.

108* weather has a funny way of making you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Stick your head in freezers, take a million cold showers in a single day, run through sprinklers like an 8 year old.

I also found myself cutting the legs off of my “nicest” (but not fancy) pair of jeans.

I chose to cut them kinda short too. Not bootie short, but not bermuda long, either. I just went for it.

I decided in that moment that it was time to be grateful for strong, capable legs, regardless of the lumps and bumps they carry. I need to remember that these legs carry *me* too.

I slipped them on.

Not only did I put them on, but I left them on when a friend stopped by.

I left them on!

It’s a step in the right direction. A step made with self acceptance in mind. A conscious decision to put one leg in front of the other, refusing negative thoughts and rocking each step.

One lovely leg in front of the other.



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