I love a good cocktail…


I love me a vodka cran. My drink of choice. That said, since I have been trying to figure out my metabolic issues, I’ve been off the good stuff. I’m not a heavy drinker, mind you…but that occasional adult refreshment is sorely missed.

Instead, I have been drinking a different kind of cocktail. A Bragg’s apple cider vinegar cocktail spiked with honey and water.

acv cocktail

I know. I’m a rebel.

8 oz of water, 1 tsp raw organic honey, (dissolved in a bit of hot water first)  2 tsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, ice and a mason jar w/lid.

Serve shaken, not stirred.

There are a million reasons to use ACV.  Ok, maybe not a million. Here are 20 of them:


If you are a kombucha drinker, this will be no big for you. Rather pleasant, perhaps. If you are not, this might cause your face to wrinkle up to the back of your head.  Add more honey if this is the case.

Check out http://www.bragg.com for more info and some really quirky information and products. 🙂


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