Still Dress Hunting. Need Your Input!


SO, I still don’t have a dress for the wedding I am attending in July. It’s the hubs’ boss’ daughter’s wedding, so I have to get it right, ya know? A little background: It’s an outdoor wedding. In the mountains. I have to take a ski lift to get to the ceremony location. I can’t be worried about flashing people when I get down.

Thoughts on this dress? I think I have looked at so many that I can’t even form an opinion anymore. It’s either fantastic or it looks like curtains. I’m torn. I love the cut, I think that’s why I keep going back to it. I’m worried the pattern will look insane on, however.


I LOVE me some IGIGI…I really do. Would love to have another quality dress in my closet from Yuliya Raquel, but I also don’t want to buy it just because of who made it.

P.S…. I love those shoes.

Help me out here, ladies!


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