What “All This Cake” is… (and what it isn’t.)


“All This Cake” was an idea that was born over a year ago in my head. It started as a way for me to embrace the curves life handed me, instead of avoiding them completely. It was a way for me to learn to love myself in spite of the societal pressure I felt to be thin and “perfect”. It was therapy. And personal. And empowering.

Over time, it became a mission. It became an urgency to spread the message of love and self-acceptance. It became a *need* for me to share the importance of loving yourself enough to take care of yourself properly. It became a realization that I may never be thin and “perfect” but I *could* be healthy. And vibrant. And beautiful.

I could be loved. By me.

I said I loved myself, but actions speak louder than words.

I turned love into a verb.

And then made it a public journey.

What “All This Cake” is not? It is not an exclusive club for chubby girls. My personal issue with myself (my weight) may not be your personal issue. Maybe your own personal “cake” is something else. Maybe you don’t like your nose. Maybe your crooked teeth inhibit your ability to smile with confidence. Maybe you feel like you aren’t smart enough. Maybe you regret decisions you’ve made and live with “what-ifs”. Maybe you have made mistakes like we all have but don’t know how to forgive yourself and carry on loving.

Whatever your issue is, (and we all have them), the message I send is the same.  You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect, and you are worthy of a healthy, active lifestyle that will only improve your outlook on life. Loving life and those around you starts within yourself. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” is a hard thing to accomplish when you don’t know how to love YOU. Sure, many who come across this site will be lovely plus-sized ladies. I relate to them. I get it. We will have a connection in that area. That said, at the root, insecurity is insecurity and we all have them. We are not that different, you and I.

“All This Cake” is a mission for me. I have no doubt that everything I post on this site can be used in some way, shape, or form by most people that come through here. We may not have the same dietary approach. We may not exercise in the same way. We may not have the same struggles, but we can all benefit from a little more self respect and approval. My message is the same, no matter what brought you here:

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are the only YOU there will ever be, and no one can live out the plan before you, but YOU. Walk it out. Rock it when you can, and embrace the curves ahead. You’ll never regret it.


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