Hey Good Lookin’ 6/3/13


So last night’s dinner was inspired by a breakfast made for some friends.  They were here at the house helping me with yard work and having a really, really bad day.  The only thing I know to do when someone is bummed is feed them. Its like a built in response. Probably not the healthiest coping mechanism, but one should never underestimate the power of a good meal. My friend later told me that my breakfast “completely turned the day around.” I reminded them that the safest place to be when you’re having a bad day is a big girl’s kitchen…or at least, THIS big girl’s kitchen. I make magic happen, folks.

I made them omelette’s with eggs (duh), cracked pepper cheddar, and homemade beef chorizo, which essentially is just

*ground beef (I only used about 1/4 of a pound for 3 omelettes)

*chili powder (1 tbsp or so)

*cumin (just a pinch otherwise your food will taste the way armpits smell)



*garlic (all to taste.)

Add meat to  pan. Add spices. Mix, cook, serve.

I served their omelettes with a fresh salsa, some guacamole, and hot corn tortillas.

It smelled good, but I didn’t eat any. Decided to save my eggs for dinner.

I made breakfast tacos for dinner, using the same formula.

Cooked the “chorizo”, added a few beaten eggs and some of the fresh salsa. I set that aside while I made “tortillas” for the hubs and I. Keep in mind we are off all grains right now, so that means no corn tortillas for my (mexican) husband. It’s not easy folks. We used to eat corn torts with EVERYTHING.

SO, I made THESE. They are supposed to be a flour tortilla replacement, but the texture is much more like a homemade corn tortilla than any flour tortilla I have ever had. Also, the flavor is very similar to Socca, which is nice. Overall, they weren’t bad. Good, even. Not spectacular, but I would def make them again.

I spread the guac on the “tortilla”, then some of the chorizo/egg mix, then topped them with the fresh salsa I made:

So easy, and so pretty. :)

So easy, and so pretty. 🙂

(Four roma tomatoes, 2 serrano chilis, one small yellow onion, a squeeze of lemon, pinch of sea salt and a couple tablespoons of fresh cilantro pulsed in the food processor)…

and voila: Grain free, farm fresh tacos.

gaps taco


Quick, easy, and full of all kind of good stuff. Plus, I felt satisfied, like I had eaten something I really wanted.

Now go forth, and  make some magic happen in your own cocina.


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