Fabulous Friday 5/24/13


As I have grown older, I have also grown more confident. I wear things now that I am not sure I would have ten years ago. I’m not sure they are always age appropriate, but I’m also not sure I care.

I have found that I have quite the retro flair to my outfit choices lately, but its a repeating trend for me. I really think that its my “core style” so to speak…the one I always go back to. I tend to sample new and fun trends but in my soul, I’m a rolled jeans and white tank kind of girl. Give me a barrel roll and a bandana and I feel pretty set. Perhaps its because I feel like its the look that suits not only my body type but my face as well. I think I just have an old-school kind of vibe going for me so I choose to make it work in my favor. Rock whatcha got, ya know?

Had to run to town today to return the rental car I have been using and pick up my beast from the shop. We hit a deer a few weeks ago and did a number on my Expedition. 😦 Glad to have it back though. So are the kids. Being crammed in the backseat is no fun for them.

Anyway, headed to town which means I had to get out of my cleaning clothes and look presentable. Chose my fave dark jeans(always rolled twice), a plain white boyfriend ‘T’ from Old Navy and a leopard bandana  tied in my hair.















Leopard flip flops (with red toenails of course), black earrings and my blingy sunglasses completed the get up.

they see me rollin....

they see me rollin….














Jeans: 20.00 at Marshalls

Shirt: 6.00 at OldNavy.com

Flip Flops: 2.50 at OldNavy.com

Hanky: 1.00 at Walmart (I know!)

Sass: This girl was born with it, ya’ll.

Age appropriate, Smage appropriate.


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