Shake The Cake 5/23/13


I have rekindled my love affair with yoga.

I have been doing lots of treadmill as of late…but was getting bored. Ok, “getting bored” isn’t entirely accurate. To say that it was “getting boring” is to say that it was, at one point, *not* boring.  It has been boring since day one. No faster way to make time stop.

But I do it.


Something had to give.

And so, I revisited yoga. I checked out “Just My Size” yoga from the library because its super expensive EVERYWHERE. Must be out of print or something. Basically, its yoga for cake.

It is the best. I just love it. I wake up thinking about doing yoga now. Kind of excites me. I  still hit the treadmill today, but only because I had a rather large hunk of homemade sourdough bread covered in butter. I have nothing against butter, especially my organic, grass fed, super yummy butter…but probably could have skipped the refined white flour amazingness.

I guess its not technically “Shaking” the cake, but you get it, right? Get up, move (or stand still in a mountain pose?) …make your cells happy. Thats the objective, correct? I will tell you that all the treadmilling in the world didnt make me feel nearly as sore as I am now. That sore that hurts so good…ya know?

I cant surrender the treadmill just yet as I dont have anything better to do instead and I have decided that for the most part I really hate workout videos. Especially if Denise Austin is in them. Save me.

Find “Just My Size Yoga” HERE. You can also get a look at it on YouTube.  I plan on ordering another vid done by Megan Garcia too, called “MegaYoga”. That one is HERE.

Check em out!


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