On Swim Season…


Lesley Kinzel, who you can read more about here has been quoted as saying something so perfect I had to share it here.

“I have a beach body. It’s this one, the one I take to the beach.”

Perfectly stated, no?

And with that, I give you some links to amazing swimwear with which to decorate your cake.

GabiFresh suits! I love the convertible bikini’s…especially because tops and bottom sizes are ordered separately! amazing! I really love the idea of wearing a 2 piece suit that has a high bottom instead of a tankini that has a longer top. So much more flattering.

Forever21 has more affordable ones, but they are not sold separately. Love the leopard one here though!

Oh, black cat bikinis…how I love your daring ways! For those of you that are strictly one-piece girls, I just love the look of this one.  So retro. So fun. So sexy! All of their suits go up to size 6x!

Edited to add: I was just over at Curvy in Kansas City and she posted the best pics of herself in her suit…from WALMART. It is darling. Check it out here! I think I want the one w/the anchors on it!

tattoos sold separately.

tattoos sold separately.

Don’t let fear and insecurity keep you inside this summer, ladies. Get out there and rock it.


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