Hey Good Lookin’….Broccoli Fritters!


yeah, its been a bit.

Had to make some adjustments in my meals and didn’t really feel up to posting until I had figured my body out. Kind of hard to post about how great I feel in my own skin when I just don’t.

Feelin’ pretty good again though, and ready to share some more yummy stuff with you.

Tonight I have a chicken roasting in a terracotta chicken roaster. Serving it with broccoli fritters, made from the STALKS of the broc…not the “trees.” Works out great because I get two meals out of one veggie. 🙂

Recipe is here.

These would be great with some brown rice pilaf or baked potato on the side, but due to some dietary restrictions for the hubs (that I am trying on for size), there will be no grains or root veggies on the table.

I miss potatoes.

But broccoli is pretty tasty if you do it right. Give it a shot!


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