Makeup Free?


I will admit it. I LOVE makeup. Especially just about anything that Benefit puts out. I am so in love with everything they do and how much fun it is to use. I rarely buy it because its pretty spendy and I have other priorities to address…you know, like feeding my children and paying the mortgage. When I do buy makeup though, I try to buy one or two items from them.

LIKE THIS. My favorite cosmetic, EVER.

LIKE THIS. My favorite cosmetic, EVER.









Here lately though, I have been trying to “read” my skin. When I am on track, eating plenty of fruits and veggies, using coconut oil in my diet and on my face daily, and drinking plenty of water, my skin is SO much more radiant. If something is off in my diet, my face tends to show it. The problem is that I tend to cover up those signs with concealer, blush and mascara.

I decided about a week ago that I was going to skip makeup for a while, and really watch what my skin does. Instead of concealing those dark circles, I will figure out if I am dehydrated, not getting enough sleep, or just somehow deficient. If my skin isnt bright and clear, I need to evaluate what is causing that. Am I adequately moisturizing (with coconut oil of course)? Am I drinking enough water? Am I getting enough veggies in? If my eyes need brightening, its typically because I am vitamin deficient or somehow lacking in that department. I have noticed that if I dont focus on getting enough B vitamins, my eyes are not nearly as alert and awake looking.

It is tough for me because I NEVER go out without at least concealer, blush, mascara and lip gloss on. EVER. It takes a certain amount of courage for me, but I have got to really take a step back and pay attention to what my skin is saying.

Once I am confident that all is well, maybe I will go back to it. Funny thing though – I am starting appreciate my own face. Dare I say I even look younger? I am sure I will doll up again from time to time, but considering I am a stay at home mom who lives in the BACKWOODS, there is really no need to gussy up every day…or waste Benefit cosmetics on a day at home doing dishes and laundry.

Dont ignore what your face is saying to you, guys…but dont be afraid of your liquid liner and false eyelashes either. 😉


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  1. I LOOOOVE that you’re doing this! I live in L.A. and it looks like some kind of deranged TV show all day long, just in the grocery store. People look gross and the gross thing is, the guys like it. bleghghghghh

    Luckily, my friends are down to earth, though I still feel a huge amount of pressure to put on makeup when I go anywhere that I know I’ll be photographed.

  2. Thanks Sophia! I have such a hard time in L.A. Just being there makes me feel inadequate. Its like the Mecca of all insecurities for me. The hardest time I have had so far was not wearing makeup around my Mother in law. She is so critical of me and will be the first to point out that I didnt “pinta” (paint) my face. Ugh. I did wear makeup to a funeral the other day though. First time in a while. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ha! I skip make up a lot, just because it is expensive and I don’t really care that much if people notice. My favorite comment when I don’t wear it is “You look so tired!” Nope, just didn’t put any make up on.

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