Chia & Crabcake Recipe Updates


About a week ago, I posted about my MIL’s surprise visit, resulting in lots of food prep on my part. I don’t think I ever gave the results of the “tapioca” though. (Click the link above to find the link for the tapioca.)

It was rather delicious! If you have ever had Mexican atole, it was kind of reminescent of that…but cold. And not rice.

Let me try that again. It had a certain familiarity to it. Like cinnamon and milk in hot cereal, just not hot. It was refreshing, nutty, and cinnamon-y enough to be enjoyable.

It calls for nut milk (hemp or cashew I believe) so I made the cashew milk myself. I had almond milk on hand, but I really wanted to try it according to the recipe first. I reallllly liked it, and making the cashew milk was SO easy.  I am finding all kinds of fun ways to use cashews lately, especially as dairy substitutes. I have nothing against good quality dairy, but any time I can get nuts into my kids is good by me too. Check out this recipe for making cashew milk if you are interested. It is easy and really tasty. Here is a tip: Strain the blended cashews and water and save the leftover nut meat. Press all the water of of it then spread it evenly on a cookie sheet and bake at about 250 until its dry. Voila! Cashew flour! I discovered this after googling what to do with the leftover bits. At 10.99 per lb for organic cashews, I didnt want to waste a single ounce of them.

Yesterday I posted about the “crab” cakes I was making for dinner. I did, in fact, make them. My kids hated them, the hubs thought they were ok, but kind of mooshy for his liking. (My family is big on texure.) I loved the flavor…they totally tasted like crab, but the consistency was off. I need to play with this idea some more I think. Maybe. It took a lot of time and prep and I am not sure I have the desire to do it again.  I ended up mushing mine up into some rice and pouring some of the [way too lemony] remoulade over it.  I might do it again. See if throwing an egg into the mix helps them to set up some. I dont know…maybe I did something wrong and I need to try again. We will see. If anyone tries it, please let me know how it turns out for you. Perhaps I missed a step.

Overall, I have been very happy with recipes put out by Kris Carr. This is the first one that really threw me off. I am definitely sticking to what I know tonight though. No experiments today!


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