All This (Crab) Cake: 3/11/13


It’s Meatless Monday! Off to a good start today… Well, except for waking up an hour late. The hubs and I totally overslept this morning but managed to get him out the door almost on time.

We both got our wheatgrass shots in, followed by some apple, kale, parsley, kiwi, and purple carrot juice. Ideally, wheatgrass should been consumed on an empty stomach, so we take our shots and have the juice about 15 minutes later. I should probably give the wheatgrass more time to work before I throw something else in the mix, but it makes me so queazy with all of its detoxing madness that I end up curled up in bed. I am working on spreading out the time between wheatgrass shot and my juice/smoothie…it will be gradual.

Lunch today will most definitely be baked potatoes with grassfed butter, sour cream, and broccoli from last night’s dinner. I am craving comfort food today and that will have to do.

Dinner is going to be a recipe from Kris Carr’s  cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I am going make her “crab” cakes  (made with hearts of palm) with remoulade. Essentially, the hearts of palm mock the texture of crab and a ground piece of nori provides a subtle ocean-esque flavor. I have never eaten a real crab cake by the way. Whether or not that works in my favor tonight remains to be seen.

Her recipe calls for vegan mayo, which I will not be using. I try really hard to avoid oils like canola, vegetable, or corn so I will make my own mayo from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I will also be frying them up in refined coconut oil.  Gonna round out dinner with roasted veggies. You can get the “crab” cake recipe here! Just scroll down. 🙂

I really hope we like them.  It’s gonna take quite a bit of time to prepare them and I’ve got quite a few bucks tied up in this venture.  No expense spared when nourishing the cake…or maybe just satisfying curiosity.

Happy Monday all…make good choices!


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