Splurge Night (aka: Hey Good Lookin’ 3/4/13)


I am known for my down home country cookin’.  I have quite the reputation  for it around these parts.

Let me just tell you, I earned all this cake the deep fried way.


These days, I am trying to treat the cake a bit better, so its been a bit since I made anything decadent.


Tonight, that is changing…sorta. Typically today is a meatless day buuuuuut….

My youngest LOVES my chicken fried steak. I haven’t made it in at least six months and she has been BEGGING lately for it.

I came across some cube steak at Whole Foods last week. Organic, grass fed, and less than $10.00 for a value pack. SOLD!

I am using Trader Joe’s gluten free flour and farm fresh eggs to batter it, and frying it in refined coconut oil. I truly believe that the most damaging thing in the traditional preparation is the vegetable oil. That shiz is poison.

Baked potatoes (with grassfed butter of course) and a sauteed spinach will finish up the meal. I have to admit, I already feel a little guilty, but I am curious to see how this modified splurge works out – with taste AND how it affects my body. I am my own guinea pig these days.

A little splurge here and there isn’t so bad..dont give up all your favorite things. Prepare them smarter and with a purpose. I earned this cake the deep fried way…now it’s time to protect my earnings.



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