Meatless Monday 3/4/13


Ok, so its a meatless day. Every weekday typically is. Tonight, dinner is not meatless, but thought I would share my FAVORITE egg dish with you guys. I made it for the MIL this weekend and she really loved it too. (That is saying something..she isn’t always easy to impress!)

Spinach and Potato Frittata anyone?

its suuuper easy.

Start with about 4 medium red potatoes. Slice thin. Cook over medium heat in about 4 tablespoons olive oil or refined coconut oil. Toss to coat, then cover and cook about ten minutes until potatoes are pretty tender.  While potatoes are cooking, mix 6 eggs with 1/3 cup milk, a dash of sea salt and a sprinkle of garlic powder and set aside. Shred about 1/2 cup cheese as well.

Add a couple handfuls of spinach leaves, toss to coat. 

Add eggs, stir to combine. Sprinkle cheese on top. Cover with lid, and cook ON LOW about 7 minutes until egg is cooked.

Slice into wedges (Like a pie) and serve with fruit and yummy toast. 🙂

I had a leftover slice for lunch today. So, so yummy, even after a day or two.



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