Cake Walk


I hate to exercise. I really do. It’s not the effort, the burn, or the sweat either. It’s the time spent in one spot that just drives me crazy. I get on the treadmill and I swear, TIME STOPS. I get so ADD as soon as I turn that thing on, it is just ridiculous.

That said, it must be done. Oxygenated cells are so important, and short of hooking yourself up to an oxygen machine, there is no better way to oxygenate your body than to exercise.

Knowing that makes it easier for me to participate in my daily Cake Walk.

When I was a kid, the cake walk was my favorite game at our school carnival. All the parents donated cakes or cupcakes to the event, and us kids would spend all of our little tickets trying to win the best cake on the table. I can only remember one time that I didn’t bring home the cake my mother made. It wasn’t because hers was the prettiest or most impressive, but because it was made by her hands. I always wanted to get my chubby little paws on the cake my mama made. I wanted to make sure it was appreciated and enjoyed.

Well, Mama made me. Therefore, she kinda made *this* cake too. It just makes sense to appreciate and enjoy All This Cake as well.

I try to cake walk every day.  It doesn’t always happen, but I really try. I live in the mountains, and walking my long dirt driveway is effective, but weather doesn’t always permit it so I typically end up on the treadmill, which I have set up in front of the tv in my room. I find that if I am watching something (Usually 1 Girl, 5 Gays to be honest) the time passes faster and I dont have the urge to find something…ANYTHING…else to do. I alternate walking and jogging as my body leads and finish up with a few exercises my friend taught me with weights. I sometimes do videos as well, depending on what interests me. I never stick to one for very long it seems, and I really enjoy the ability to check out videos from the library. A sort of “try before you buy” kind of deal.  Bellydancing is probably my fave type of video, but sometimes a good ol’ yoga dvd is best. Netflix has quite a few too if you have it at home.

I highly recommend finding 30 minutes or so, each day, to get up and move.  Shake the cake to a video. Take your bike out for a spin, perhaps. Remember,  it’s not about losing weight. It’s not about having the perfect rock hard abs. It’s about appreciating your body and investing in your health.

Cake walk. Without the frosting and sprinkles.


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