So I finally did it…


I worked up the nerve. I built up the guts. I threw caution to the wind and did it.

I put all this cake into a pair of leggings.

To make it even more impressive, I WORE THEM IN PUBLIC. When the sun was up.

The best part? I felt really damn sexy in them.

I bought these on a whim…in a brave moment. They are on clearance now, btw…I may need more.

I searched high and low for a shirt and found one I love at Target. It is not on their website, but you will see it in the terrible cell-phone-in-the-mirror pic below.

I bought this jacket as well and thought it was kind of fun with the outfit…plus it was cold out and my orange winter coat wouldn’t be my first choice. My favorite part though? THE SHOES. They are so sexy. I decided they are the shoes a dominatrix would wear on her day off.

Hot, right?

Hot, right?











So I pulled it all together with a big funky ring, some sparkly black hoops, and a killer beaded black bracelet. I decided I needed to take a pic and have the balls to blog the cake in the leggings..So here we go.

Head chopped off to protect the the guilty. (This hurt a little…my hair looked really great that day.)

Payless shoes as a backdrop. Doesn’t get much more magical than that.

Move over Instagram!

Move over Instagram!











So there you have it. Leggings, banded tunic, cropped denim jacket, Dominatrix flats, fun accessories and just enough balls to make it happen in public.

Rock it, ladies. Rock all that cake.


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