Healthy Cake 2/21/13


Cake Myth #234,898:  Big girls eat crap food.

Ok, sometimes.

But so do thin girls. Sometimes.

Everyone is guilty of eating things they shouldn’t.

There seems to be two common problems when it comes to us cakey girls. One of two things tends to happen:

1.) We under-eat, restrict ourselves to the point of utter starvation and/or complete caloric deprevation.


2.) We figure that we are big girls, always will be, and choose to eat whatever we choose without any hope that it will ever change.

There is a healthy point in the middle though, ladies. It is possible to have your cake and eat well too.

You nourish the cake. Maybe you already do, and that’s great. Maybe you find yourself in the above two descriptions..and that’s where the following comes in…

My personal philsophy falls under the Traditional Foods movement I suppose. I buy local, organic produce, and I eat LOTS of it. I drink raw milk, eat grass fed meat (sparingly) and make sure that everything that goes into my body is something my Great-Grandmother would have recognized as food. If it comes from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, DON’T. That kind of thing. I am into funny things like kefir, kombucha, wheatgrass and coconut oil. My overall philosophy is this: If I am eating whole foods in their semi-natural state, I don’t need to follow any rules or guidelines. I don’t count calories, I listen to my body, and I eat what’s in season. Have I lost weight doing this? Sure. Was that my intention? Nope. My intention is to live a long, healthy, happy life. In the process, my skin looks great, my body is happy, and yeah, I have shed a few pounds. I do not subscribe to the low-fat, nonfat, calorie counting, pre-packaged meal plan garbage being literally and figuratively fed to us. It is all poison in my opinion and experience and I cannot express enough how dangerous I feel it all is. Food should be about nourishment. Food should be about instincts and common sense. Sometimes food is for celebration and fellowship, but ultimately, if you just listen to your body and eat things that please it, your cake will thank you.

I plan to share with you how I nourish my cake in the hopes that you will find something you enjoy and that makes you feel amazing.

Like eggs. Eggs make me happy in the morning. I made two fried eggs this morning, fried in a good quality butter (which is NOT BAD FOR YOU like you are led to believe…read on here.) I served them with two small slices of cracked wheat sourdough. I sipped my coffee and organic creamer (which is actually NOT expensive believe it or not..$1.29 at Whole Foods!) and enjoyed my quiet time before the kiddos woke up.

About 10am, I had the world’s best yogurt, ever. Typically, I make my own yogurt (more on that later) but the hubs knows how much I love this stuff and brought me my fave flavor: cream top vanilla. It’s the best. Contrary to popular belief, full-fat dairy isnt bad for you…but that skim stuff just might be.

Lunch came around and I ate a couple slices of raw milk (grass fed) cheddar cheese. It only take a couple slices to feel satisfied. I am sitting here typing instead of finishing my lunch prep, which will probably be a smoothie made from frozen strawberries & blueberries, homemade yogurt, half an orange, a bit of *real* maple syrup and half an avocado. Yes. Avocado. Its SO yummy in smoothies. I may heat up a corn tortilla and slice the other half of avocado for an avocado taco of sorts. A little sea salt and YUM.

Dinner has to be a crowd pleaser. I have three kids and a hubby that is remarkably adventurous when it comes to my menu planning, so its always a fun experience to put dinner on the table. Dinner tonight will be a mish-mash of what I have lying around: Broccoli, roasted with a bit of garlic butter on top, fresh fruit (in this case, apples and oranges), and grilled cheese made from raw cheddar on cracked wheat sourdough.

I dont weigh my food. I dont count the calories or carbs. I eat good food, I eat it slowly. I stop when I am full. It is really just basic common sense, and doesn’t require a weekly public weigh-in. Imagine that.


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