All This Cake


Full-Figured. Plus-Sized. Extended Size. Thick. Fat. Overweight.  My personal fave: A big girl with such a pretty face.


I have heard it all. I am tired of the labels. I am a big girl. No doubt. I have never been small, and I am finally ok with that. I attribute it (partially)  to renaming my flub.

It’s not fat. It’s CAKE.

Let me use it in a few sentences for you:

“How does all this cake look in these jeans, babe?”

“A hike you say? Let’s see how I do gettin all this cake up there with ya.”

“Come here babe…you know you want all this cake.

“Belly Dancing?? Hell yeah! It’s time to shake all this cake!


IT is cake. I AM NOT. I am a great wife. I am a fun, spontanious mother. I am a devoted friend. I am a shameless dancer. I am a rocker of funky clothing. I am an avid farmers market shopper and traditional foods eater.  Most importantly, I am a lover of God, creation, and natural living.

I am one of a kind. I am glad I am.

I am not a number on a scale.  Neither are you.

Call it what you want…but don’t make it your identity. I love my cake…but I love ME more.





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